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NATE CHIVERS is a composer, arranger and guitarist based in Orlando, FL. 

As a concert composer he has worked with UnHeard, Psappha, Royal Scottish Northern Orchestra, BBC Singers, ALEA III and performers like Jasdeep Singh-Degun and Jack Adler-McKean amongst others. His pieces have been performed in the UK, USA, China, France, and Germany. He has also arranged for the Sono Ensemble, Manchester Video Game Orchestra, and the CFCArts Orchestra and Big Band.

His focus as a guitarist contemporary classical electric guitar, though he is fluent in many different styles. He has performed in many places like Timucua and has released an album of his compositions entitled Nowhere to Hide, exhibiting his unique musical language. He also performs in Jazz groups like the 239 Collective. 

He is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and received his PhD in Music Composition from the Royal Northern College of Music under supervisors Dr. Steven Daverson, Dr. Mauricio Pauly, and Prof. David Horne.

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