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Palisades Theatre Renovation and Preservation Society

A Message From
Our Founder


The Palisades Theatre was home to some of the greatest entertainers of the twentieth century. Many performers and classic films had their debut in this nearly 100 year old theatre. Converted from a 1920’s Vaudeville Stage, the Palisades Theatre became a beloved symbol of Miami’s Art Deco era. It had its share of controversy, especially in the times of segregation and the Civil Rights movement when African Americans could only attend events seated in the upper balcony. One moment of tragedy stands out in its history: in 1968 an up-and-coming starlet - Grace Diamond - made her on-stage solo debut to a sold-out integrated audience. Unfortunately her performance and life were cut short when a heavy spotlight fell to the stage, striking a table set full of lit oil lamps which were shattered sending fiery oil over Ms. Diamond. Her death in a blazing inferno was witnessed by hundreds, and is widely considered the origin of the classic theatre’s drop in attendance with its slow fall into disrepair and ultimate demise.


Here at the Palisades Theatre Renovation and Preservation Society, we strive to see this cornerstone of Miami’s entertainment hub a full restoration and inclusion to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Currently the theatre’s application is in review and a judgment is expected sometime within the middle of 2023. Unfortunately, the current owners of the theatre’s property - the Triansler Development Group - have scheduled the theatre for demolition on the first of May, 2023. We are struggling to get a court-ordered postponement on the demolition until the NRHP makes its determination.


We’ve had to halt our calls for financial support and donations until the Palisade’s “judgment day.” Please keep our beloved theatre in your thoughts and prayers for it’s ultimate stay-of-judgement. This jewel of the 1920’s deserves to be saved and restored to its former glory.


Wade Darden

Chairman - Palisades Theatre Renovation
and Preservation Society 


First worked the Palisades Theatre as stage tech in 1964 through 1968. Entered Air Force 1969. Married 1973 for 35 years. Returned 2008 as manager/projectionist and preservation committee chairman.

Chairman - Palisades Theatre Renovation and Preservation Society 

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